Welcome to ER-1 - German Quality Oil

The ER-1 lubricants are high-quality lubricants which have an enviable reputation both in this country and in international markets. In the advanced, on-site laboratories, products are carefully developed to meet and exceed the requirements of the major automotive manufacturers and to comply with future regulations. The quality management system guarantees a high standard of product and this attention to detail is carried through from production to shipping. We offer the customer a wide range of lubricants, including car and truck engine oils, racing oils, gear oils for automatic and manual transmissions and drive axles, as well as agricultural machinery products, hydraulic oils, industrial oils, high performance lubricants and engine coolant (anti-freeze).

High Quality

Companies and end-users have high expectations and demands when it comes to choosing the right lubricants. ER-1 is the independent lubricants brand among German medium-sized enterprises. Our lubricants range stands for precision and reliability for both automotive and industrial applications and meets the latest industry standards laid down by manufacturers. You enter a trustful and sustainable business relationship by teaming up with ER-1 as technical expertise, flexibility, reliability and a sound approach are of paramount importance to our philosophy.


  • car and truck engine oils
  • racing oils
  • gear oils
  • agricultural machinery products
  • hydraulic oils
  • industrial oils
  • high performance lubricants
  • engine coolant (anti-freeze)

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